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Whether you are looking to join one of our teams, become one of our sponsors, are interested in knowing about our facilities or are looking to find out more about volunteering as a coach or supporter - we are always keen to hear from you.

We are always looking for support, volunteers are what makes grassroots football function and you don’t need to be a footie fanatic to help out:


If you have a few hours or skills in the following areas please let us know:

  • Memberships admin – are you good with systems and know your way around different online programmes? If you have a sometime (1-2 hours per week) each week and more at the start of the season August/September when subscriptions start then this support can be done remotely and to suit your schedule
  • Social Media – do you know your Facebook from your Twitter to your Instagram? If so and again you have an hour or so a week and can keep tabs on our channels we would love to hear from you. With a little bit of guidance and training on the messages the club is wanting to share.
  • Clubhouse and events – if you can make tea, turn a mean burger at a BBQ or are willing to cover refreshments please do let us know. Our Clubhouse is a fabulous asset and we want to be able to provide our supporters a great service and of course the revenue is essential in the up keep of our club. If you are able to help on an adhoc basis then do get in touch it is always great to have a list of potential volunteers who can help out if needed.
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Market Bosworth Football Club

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Address: Wellsborough Road, Market Bosworth, Warwickshire, CV13

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Dale Stringer

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