Coaching Ethos

Market Bosworth Football Club (MBFC) is a community based football club established for the benefit of the local community in and around Market Bosworth. The football club was established in its present form in 2008, following the merger of Market Bosworth Town adult football club with Market Bosworth Juniors Football Club.

The club was established with a very clear ethos that football should be a sport enjoyed by and open to all regardless of ability, and that all participants will not only become better footballers whilst members of MBFC but will also become more rounded individuals.

To achieve this aim, the club wishes to establish its very own standards charter that all coaches and members of the management team will actively endorse and work towards in every action they take in the name of MBFC. The charter will be based on the twinned approach of developing footballing talent and on fostering personal integrity.

All individuals involved in the club, whether they be coaches, players or parents will be expected to uphold the standards of the club and behave to a standard that ensures MBFC maintains a positive environment where football and the community can thrive. Central to this standard should be a respect for all others involved in the club, as well as for all opponents, referees and any others with whom the club interacts. Any individuals not acting respectfully or in the best interests of the club will not be welcome within MBFC.

To support this, the club will coach and develop its players in a way that encourages good football, and that helps develop all players that join the club. Central to the coaching ethos of the club will be the encouragement of football that focuses on developing skills and not on learning to win at all costs.

Coaching of our players will centre on key elements, as follows:

  • Coaches at MBFC will use a positive and enthusiastic manner with players at all times. Young players will be encouraged to make their own decisions, and coaches will endeavour to deliver practices that enable players to make lots of decisions. Mistakes will not be criticised, as mistakes can be the best way for young players to learn.
  • MBFC players will be coached to “pass, move and receive”; to learn to keep possession of the ball and to be comfortable playing with the ball, rather than to win by kicking the ball further and harder than the opposition. MBFC wishes to cultivate our young players to become better ball-playing footballers and not rely on strength and brute force.
  • MBFC recognises that all young players develop at different rates and therefore that we should not coach on the basis that a player that can kick a ball harder than anyone else at a young age will always have that advantage.
  • MBFC coaches will ensure all players spend plenty of time working on their ball skills. Training sessions will where possible include a number of small-sided games, and all coaches will be equipped with enough balls for all players.
  • MBFC coaches are also committed to ensuring all players receive plenty of match time. Although the club wants to win we recognise that it is self-defeating to not develop all players and allow them plenty of match time.
  • MBFC coaches will also ensure that all participants are fully included in activities. Coaches will work to ensure all players learn new skills and develop regardless of their ability. Gifted and talented players will be given opportunities to develop further, as will players with less natural talent.
  • For young players MBFC will not “pigeon hole” players into one position too early in life. The club recognises that all footballers have attributes that lend them to certain positions and within match scenarios coaches are expected to use their players’ natural abilities to the maximum for the benefit of the team. However, coaches will also be expected to give opportunities in training, or where possible in matches, to try alternative positions to allow them to develop their all-round game.
  • From a young age all MBFC players will be encouraged to use both feet. The club feels this is fundamental to developing all players.
  • MBFC coaches will also demonstrate that the club is established for the benefit of the players and their families and not for the benefit of the coach. In particular when coaching young players, coaches should ensure they are not intimidating or unwelcoming to any of their team. The club will not tolerate swearing and aggressive behaviour, and all coaches should avoid using complicated jargon young players won’t understand.

The purpose of the above statement is to underline what MBFC stands for, both in developing individuals but also in how football is taught to those that join our club.

Above all the club is established for the benefit of those that use the club and should not be used for the personal gain of any one individual. The MBFC management team believe this statement supports and will help ensure this important principle remains core to the ethos of the club.